Romantic love a modern invention?

Love itself raised other honest questions, more than several. Was romantic love a modern invention? How long could it last as requited, as unrequited? Does familiarity blur lovers’ clear sight of essences and make surfaces look significant?

Since love intensifies in parted lovers, pressumably because the lovers forget and reimagine each other, is love then wholly false? How false? Thirty percent false? Sixty percent? Five?

Then, only lover sees what is real, only lover sees the beloved truly, inwardly. Far from being blind, love alone can see.



Woe to you, Oh! Boastful pride

You make lovers’ quarrel and fight

Trying to unknot the tight tie

Giving them space apart at night


How long are you going to end this?

Aren’t you satisfied with all the mess?

When will you give it a hold?

When they’re already both cold?


Curse YOU! Go run and fly

Never come back and hide

Thou shall not show again

DIE! Without a gain!



By: Dinah Faye M. Indino


You were in front of me

Yet you didn’t see

Listening to the sermon

While distracting me!


Then we met unexpectedly

You approached me first and smiled at me

I met your eyes unknowingly

Never thought ‘twas the key


We got closer, YOU and I

We’re best friends for life

Funny it is to think

That people aren’t aware of it.


I’ll be forever thankful

For making everything blissful

We’re both a blessing to keep

From God who’s faithful indeed


We’re not couple, nor lovers

But surely we love each other

Like sister loves her brother

That prays each other together


We’re weird, yet we’re awesome

We have something uncommon

Though it seems like just an hour

We got to have we called OURS!



He used to…

He used to tell me about the future

and sometimes i couldn’t understand how he does…

He used to tell me about discipline

and sometimes I couldn’t believe his ways…


He used to tell me that He loves me

and sometimes I couldn’t feel it

He used to tell me the right way

and sometimes I couldn’t make it…


I want to know how he cares

but I can’t see his presence

I want to search everywhere

but I don’t even know where…


I missed the time he was just there

the time that I can never turn back

The moment that he was around and I was not…


I want to show him my care and love

I want to show how I wish him to be around..

And now that he is GONE

I’ve to understand, that I must give things

worthwhile, there’s a chance.


I want to cry out loud my long kept tears,

to let everybody knows how I was broken

I want to shout out my inner pain

and let it go in vain


Still I remained silent

keeping it all inside

Because I know there is GOD

to be my guide.


Happy Father’s Day to the man who used to love me the way I am!

I love you Pa…


The day I wanted to remember forever yet the day I never wanted to come. That was the beginning of the journey that was far from what I imagined. The painting hanging on my mind was a clear vivid expression of complete happiness and everything in it, was perfectly drawn on the canvas.

Yet, that day brought me to the outer picture that was far beyond on what is behind the curtains. Reality pushed me to believe that things happen at the most unexpected unholy hour of your life. I came to realize that the light I saw leaps from the darkness of the truth that life may be cruel sometimes.

I literally was born again that day, my unconscious mind gave birth to an alien personality I haven’t met so far. I couldn’t explain it into words the exact formula my hormones sent to my brain that I couldn’t fathom the feelings inside. I felt the highest level of agony and that pain gave me a premature ventricular contraction. A diagnosis I cannot ease with a pill.

s m i l e



the sky may gray or blue

but your smile is always new

i don’t know why?

but it gives me a delightful sigh

cherries are red and berries are violet

but seeing you smile it’s the rainbow i get

seeing you frown will make me worn out

it makes my heart tied in a knot

your smile gives me life and light

and it gives me a reason to fight

life may be cruel at night

but you are my shining knight

l o v e

listen to me

love isn’t something we invented

it’s observable yet powerful

it has to mean something perhaps it means something more…

maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension

that we can’t consciously perceive…

love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving

that transcends dimensions of time and space…

perhaps we should trust that, even if we can’t fully understand it yet…

-the interstellar-

Beyond Me, Myself, and I: Four Ideas for Escaping the First-Person Bubble

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Blogging, by definition, requires an individual voice and an individual perspective from which to share your take on the world. It’s that specificity that makes personal reactions to current events — like, say, the passing of David Bowie — that much more interesting than a dry news account, however well sourced.

As writers, we embrace this liberty to be ourselves, (rhetorical) warts and wrinkles included. But we also run the risk of turning a personal perspective into a myopic one. The difference often lies not so much in what we write, but in how we write it. If you ever worry about appearing narcissistic and self-involved on your blog, don’t change the topics you write about — change the mechanics of discussing them. Here are a few ideas.

Control the beginning of your sentences

You might be talking about your charity work, expressing your admiration of another writer, or remembering how small and insignificant you felt upon visiting…

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extraordinary cup

healthy living foodblog

“each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage”

Life has been unfair yet challenging these days. Some get frustrated, betrayed and decieved. It’s not something new but it is something that is pretty exhausting.

I just ended my rough-tough day with a cup of chinese tea and let my thoughts wander away.

Woman of grace


What makes one woman capable of turning her life around while another cannot?

My experience has been that what a woman believes about herself makes a difference in how she deals difficulty…

I believe that if you see yourself as God sees you, and if you have a good sense of self esteem, definitely you will be able to cope with almost anything because you will find that God’s grace is indeed sufficient for you.

God has chosen to shower on us the incomparable riches of His grace, and the right understanding of God’s grace can deliver us from the self-focus that is so prevalent and so damaging. We are told that women’s greatest common struggle is low self esteem. (i wonder if we’ve heard it so often that we’ve talked ourselves into it, a self-fulfilling prophecy.) Well if it’s true that our gender has a case of low self-esteem, what is the answer?  Getting better jobs? Putting make ups on? Shaping eyebrows? Taking gluta? Wearing fashionable clothes? oh well, we’ve tried all that and it has not seemed to improved out lot. Well to some it might be effective but the question is “are they quite contented?”

The answer to low self-esteem is to understand what God’s grace has done for you, and understanding how God sees you and when you see yourself that way, you become God-focused, not self-focused, and you’ll rejoice daily in His grace that truly enables you to be “somebody”, and the more you remember who you are because of His grace, the less you struggle with what we now call “low self-esteem”.